Reliance Church 

Know Thy Self - Rely On Thy Self - Heal Yourself - Trust Yourself


You Can Save Yourself

we Embrace All Belief Systems

Reliance Church

  an Online Spiritual Gathering
is a Website that wants to
promote YOU Taking
Charge of your Own Life.


Know Yourself and
Be True To YOU


Your Spirituality is
Between You
and Your God or Goddess
and is NO One Elses Business.


We Support You
Knowing Your Own Body
and Taking Charge of
Your Own Health ~ Naturally

We Must Know WHO  We are
Before We can Change anything About Us.


KNOW your Belief System
Write it Down
Accept IT...
Give yourself Permission To
Be it, Walk it.


Its OK to Be You


Its Ok to Embrace what is
the Holy Spirit to You.


Its Ok to Take Care of your
Own Health Needs.


Its Wonderful to
Allow Yourself to Dress the Way you Want,
Pray to who or what FEELS right to you,
and Live the Life You Crave.


Don't Live to Please Others
Those Who Do Not Approve,
So Why Not let them dis-approve
of you walking your REAL Truth.


 Reliance  Church .com
A Place to Connect Online

Teaching You to Know Thyself, Use the Power of Your
Thoughts and Your Prayers to Heal YOU !!!

YOU are On the Right Path


Reliance Church

Sacred Retreat

Healing Retreat

I pray that What Happens to You
Be of Your Very Highest and Best Good.

You There
Looking at These Words
You are Loved
What you Have to Say Matters
Every THOUGHT you Have
Makes a Difference to Everything
that you experience and create.

We Intent to Be your Online
Sacred Lodge
Connecting Like Minded People
to Change the World
and Do What We Came Here
to REALLY do.


Reliance Church Means SELF RELIANCE....

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There are Many Ways Home
Lets Explore Them Together.



You Can Do It


Its OK to Be Happy


 you Do NoT need to
Take the Hardest Path.


FOLLOW the Path of
Least Resistance


Take a Seat and Enjoy Your Life


 It Really is OK to
Follow the Path of Least Resistance  


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